Giving Tuesday

These days it’s easy to forget how much power we each have to change the world. We believe everyday decisions make a big difference. That used to have a kind of bumper-sticker meaning for me. I knew it was true on a theoretical level, but I couldn’t always see it in action. I didn’t really get it until we started Spooltown and became responsible for managing a company and providing a steady paycheck for a group of people.

In honor of the hard work done everyday, we’d like to introduce you to our new line of goods. We developed this line so companies could choose promotional goods made from the highest quality materials, from our years of experience in what lasts. We wanted people to be able to directly support our team of talented makers who spend their days honing their skills. We’ve spent the last year talking to companies and clients about the line, making changes, and selling big batches. But we also wanted to make it available to the public, so individuals could support us too.

We can’t think of a better day to launch our retail site than Giving Tuesday. Today is about supporting the social change that you believe in. We believe that supporting American manufacturing creates social change, but we also believe in supporting all the other folks out there doing the good, hard, honest work. Through Dec. 1st, we’ll be donating 10% of all online retail sales to Basic Rights Oregon, a Portland based nonprofit that works to support LGBTQ Oregonians. It’s a social change two-fer; 90% of your dollars support domestic manufacturing, and 10% of them support BRO.

So today, as you do your holiday shopping, remember to support what matters to you. Life is a series of choices, and we can’t always make perfect ones. But what we ask this season is simple: don’t forget how much power you have to change the world.

L to R : Dana, Sara, Megan