For folks who come to us with complete tech. packs, patterns and samples, we price production sewing jobs on a project by project basis. If you have all these things, please email us directly at

We specialize in small-run production, and will do production runs as small as 50 units/style/color depending on the complexity of the project. We also do larger runs of 1000+ pcs.

We work with folks in one of two ways:

1. You place an order when you need one and we place it in our rotating production queue. Lead times vary depending on what else is in the queue and time of year.

2. You place regular standing orders (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) and we commit to staffing to meet your needs. This is the best way to guarantee short lead times, and means that the same Spooltown employees are working on your project every time, so your products just get better and better.

Unlike many manufacturers, we offer the best pricing when you can commit to regular orders of any size, rather than occasional high volume orders.

Our machinery is mostly geared towards heavy-duty materials and leatherwork, including

  • Automated walking foot machines
  • Double stitch walking foot machines
  • Walking foot zig-zag
  • Industrial Needle feed machines
  • Industrial sergers
  • Leather skiver
  • Cylinder arm machines
  • Clicker press for die-cutting
  • Embossing press
  • Snap / rivet kick press
  • Robotic cutting table

We offer production cutting as a separate service, or in conjunction with production sewing. We can digitize your patterns (including notches and marking) and nest patterns for best yield.  If you are interested in production cutting as a stand-alone, please email us directly at